Announcement 10-24-16

GDAFF here. I’m here to announce that I’m picking up a manga called “Miss Kiryu Doesn’t Know What Love is.” (Kiryuu-sensei wa Ren’ai ga Wakaranai.) Batoto page:

I plan on working on this after I release one more chapter of Oregairu, Word Master, Maou-sama, D-Frag, Iwaihime,  and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

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  1. Oh oh s*** are you still translating D-fragment😃. Awesome you’re probably the first-ever translators i’ll ever donate to but I love D-fragments so it’s worth it, thank you for your hard work

  2. I look forward to the next chapter of Oregairu this month because I will go to travel next month. I hope I can read your next chapter before that. Please, @admin.

  3. Well I hope it really will come out im really curious what will happen next, since the raw chapter already reach 24 I really want to read the next update of Konjiki no Moji

  4. Yo! Just a resident queer person who found your work on this and wanted to give a bit of feedback existence. Not sure if this will ever be relevant again in the manga, but the more proper terminology in english for “nonsexual” is “Asexual”. Although less fully historically backed, “Aromantic” is a well known, common, and accepted corresponding term describing a lack of romantic attraction. Both are primarily used as adjectives.

    1. I had actually been lectured about that many times by my typesetter (twin brother). I only picked “nonsexual” because it was used as “nonsekushuaru” and because “nonsexual” is an actual word. Not that this excuses my poor use of the English language =_=;. From now on, I’ll keep more appropriate words like “asexual” and “aromantic” in mind for the rest of the manga, since the main character in the manga you’re talking about likes to ponder about sexuality throughout the manga. I really appreciate the feedback! And I’ll be sure to research more about sexuality so I can properly convey the main character’s ideas!

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