Announcement 12-17-2015

GDAFF here. I’m here to announce a few things.

First off, we’re picking up two new series.

The first one is called Grand Blue, a comedy manga made by Kenji Inoue, the same person who did Baka to Test, with illustrations by Kimitake Yoshioka. This was suggested by Nobuto, one of our translators here. He’s a big fan of it, and he’s already read the four volumes out so far, so I thought, why not? He should be able to handle it. Plus, this manga’s actually really good. Very hilarious.



The second one is called Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu). This is a new manga adaption of the novels by Yoshiki Tanaka. The art is by Ryu Fujisaki, who worked on the Houshin Engi and Shiki manga. Some of you will probably recognize this from the ’80s 110-episode anime OVA. (Don’t be intimidated by the length, newcomers. It’s very good.) I finished the anime a few weeks ago, and it left a deep impression on me. So, I decided that I was going to translate the new manga adaption. This project in particular is going to be quite taxing, as it is serialized in a weekly magazine. However, I’ll make sure this manga releases at a stabilized schedule. And I’ll so make sure that this doesn’t interfere with the releases of our other projects.

gineiden 2015 manga

Now, a few other things.

First off, we are not accepting requests for manga to pick up. We will only request manga from a translator willing to join our group in order to translate a manga of their liking. We only have so many translators in this scanlation group. And it was hard enough to add more projects because of the amount of projects we already have, and the amount of catching up we need to do for those projects. It would be too much to ask for us to accept random requests. Sorry. If there’s gonna be any new projects, it’s gonna come from a translator’s request.

And also, no more typesetter recruits for the time being! We have enough typesetters now.

And on a final note, keep note of the Progress section in our front page. It’ll be updated right when we’ve made progress on our projects.

Till the next release!



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