Announcement 3-4-2015

All right, so I’ve changed the layout of this website so that an index would be the front page rather than a scroll of the posts. I did this because I felt that it would be easier to access older posts in this way. There’s still a way to access the scroll of new posts, which is by going to the page labeled “Posts.” I will post this part of the announcement on the comments of the home page so that people will understand how to view the posts as well.

Now, I’m sure that the few of you who actually see that I have a progress bar have realized that I have failed to update the progress reports. I’ll try to keep it updated more often from now on. Moving on to the important part: D-Frag chapter 70 has released in Japan, so our translation of it has begun. D-Frag chapter 69 and chapter 70 will, ideally, be released on the same day, which I hope will be either on, or before, the weekends. I’ve just checked, and from what I’ve seen, the newest chapter of Konjiki no Moji Tsukai has not released yet, but it should be soon (it’s a monthly manga).

The translation of the first chapter of the Web Novel is a bit over 70%, but it still needs to be edited and it has been (slightly) delayed, as D-Frag chapter 70 has just released, and I asked GDAFF to help me translate that chapter first. This chapter should be out before next the end of next week (almost a guarantee). I’d love to tell you guys that it will be released before the weekend is over, but there’s no guarantee that this will be released before the weekend is over.

Onto Kamisama Drop, the joint is going well with Pocket Loli Scans, and we’re currently in the state of redrawing (translations have already been done). Redraws should be done by this weekend, then the typesetting will begin, and it should shortly be out.

Finally, my translator for Maou-sama Chotte Sore Totte has gone AWOL, so I will give the chapter to another one of my translators as soon as I catch up to D-Frag and things become less jumbled. So rest assured. The next chapter of Maou-sama Chotte Sore Totte should be out within a decent amount of time, and the future chapters of that manga shall be translated with further haste.

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