Announcement 5-25-2015

EDIT: I also got an XDCC Bot, so you can download the packs through the IRC now. The Bot name is loli-chan. I’ll be uploading the files to the bot tonight.

We’re continuing the translation of the Web Novel, since summer vacation is just around the corner for most of the staff. Personally, I’ve been on vacation since last Wednseday, but for the translator, vacation will begin in a week or so. After that, there’ll be more progress with Hiraheishi. Sorry about the delay. The ETA for chapter 2 (for now) is next weekend.

Also, I’m thinking of translating Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? since it’s one of my favorite anime. It’s 4 volumes and 18 chapters, but I’ll probably need some staff for it. Mainly translators, though. Besides translators, I can easily get the rest of the positions filled. I posted on Myanimelist and Batoto to see if someone would be able to supply me with the raws, but if there’s no one that’s able to supply me with the raws, I might as well just buy it. I’ll purchase the raws if I have a steady translator for that series. The group, “The Last Chapter,” as befitting of its name, only translated the last chapter of Mondaiji. I’ve looked at it, and I’ve noticed that I actually really like the art style, so I’m really interested in picking this up.

As for Oregairu, I’m holding off on purchasing the raws until my translator finishes his other chapters, because I’m considering purchasing Mondaiji in the same basket if no one supplies me with the raws.

As for Konjiki no Moji Tsukai, the 8th chapter came out in Japan. The 6th chapter should be finished fairly soon. Wednesday, as promised by the new typesetter. The 7th chapter should be done a week or two after that, as the Redraws should be done by this weekend. If all goes well, I’ll give chapter 7 to that typesetter as well, then we’ll move onto chapter 8 and catch up to the raws.

On a side note, tomorrow’s my birthday! Happy birthday, me! In all seriousness though, if you haven’t already read the previous announcement, please read that. It is, as its title states, pretty important. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand even though school’s over, I gotta start studying for my standardized tests soon. They’re on the 6th of June. From the beginning of June until the 13th, I’ll have GDAFF help me with more admin stuff since he’s probably on vacation then.


Mondaiji is pretty much one of the best casual anime out there. If any of you have the raws, please give us a message!


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