Announcement 5-31-2015

Well, if you haven’t read the Important Announcement, you should probably do that. Also, apparently we’re picking up one more series: Yuzuko Peppermint. With that said, I might need a translator for that series as well… so that means I need a translator for both Mondaiji and Yuzuko Peppermint. The reason we’re picking up this series is because xelivous, the current redrawer for Konjiki no Moji Tsukai, bought the first volume and has begun to scanlate it by himself. That being said, he finished translating the first chapter, but needs a translator for future chapters, and a translator to check over the first chapter.

More importantly, for Mondaiji, I actually need a translator for this series. So… yeah. That’s probably the highest on my priorities right now in terms of recruitment. Also, it’d be great if I could have a fairly fast typesetter with previous experience to help me with Mondaiji as well.

Looks like it’s back to needing new applicants again >_<

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