Announcement 7-22-2016

GDAFF here to announce that we are going to use the digital manga raws of Legend of the Galactic Heroes instead of the magazine raws.  So, we have to take a one month hiatus on releasing the chapters until Vol. 3 of the manga releases (8/19).

Our magazine raws are very low quality and I can’t find better raws, and it takes too much time and skill to make those raws look presentable. This is also one of our reasons why we’ve been behind on our other projects. It’s best to have the greatest quality manga possible while keeping convenient for other projects.

I’ll still continue to translate with our magazine raws, so you’ll find that the chapters will release at a steady rate during the end of next month.

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    1. Sorry, I don’t think I can do that. I’m responsible for translating five or so other manga and I also have to deal with my college classes. Also, I think it’s kind of weird to handle two versions of the same series, especially if they start differently (the new manga is still in the Gaiden arcs).

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that’s why I waited long and nothing show , my inner demon scream at me to watch that old Anime , it’s to late to watch this old thing after reading the new Manga , right ? well , tthank u for the hard work.

  2. Hi @GDAFF. I don’t see any new updates from Oregairu in this blog. Or do you release in IRC only or something?
    please give us the latest chapter. It passes many weeks. I don’t mind about quality because I want to read it. Just that is enough.

    ps. please reply soon.

    1. The next chapter of Oregairu is going to release very soon. There is only one small thing that needs to be fixed by the cleaner, and when that has been fixed, I will release the chapter right away.

      I will also say that the next chapter has already been translated, so it won’t take nearly as long as this one.

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