Dropping Projects (sob) and Problems Regarding Translators

GDAFF here. I am sad to say that we have bad news. We are dropping the following projects: Maousama Chotto Sore Totte!, Masamune-kun no Revenge and Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru. The main reason is because of the lack of translators with sufficient free time and/or dedication towards these projects. But if there’s anyone who cares about all the details, here’s the full story:

For Maousama, I assigned it once to a translator. After a week or so, I asked him for his progress  on the chapter he was working on. He replied that he was finished and polishing it up. One week later I ask him for his progress again. He doesn’t reply. This goes on for about a two months, and eventually I got tired of it and assigned to another translator. I assigned her two chapters to do. One month later I ask her for her progress and she says that she’s almost done with them. One week later after I ask for her progress, she replies that she’s had internet problems but is working on finishing them. And then, two months later of asking for weekly progress reports and no replies… So yeah. It seems that we are simply unable to work on Maousama (sob). Now what I want to address is that if you’re a translator and want to work for a scanlation group, you have to make sure you have the time and dedication to work on a project. If you don’t, then you’re simply not up to the task. Also, there’s no shame in admitting that you’re not up to the task of something, rather than not doing so and causing harm to a project. No hard feelings, just…reply. Gosh.

For Hiraheishi… Well, this is complicated and I’m mostly to blame. For about 1 month, I’ve been trying to get Chapter 1 finished, saying I’d complete it by the end of the week to the boss (Zephyrial) only not to. I’ve completed half of the chapter, but I seriously doubt I can complete it. I have completely underestimated translating web novels. Chapter 1 is much longer and much more in-depth and filled with creative Japanese diction that handling it was a nightmare for me. Being the inexperienced and stubborn translator I was, I pressed on trying to complete it only to increase my stress levels. Eventually, I gave up. One month passed, and then some guy wanted to do a Machine TL of the novel so he could test his Japanese skills or something. Now I’m not a fan of Machine TLs and I personally thought that giving it to him would go against my pride as a translator, but eh, I wasn’t going to complete it, so I gave it to him in the end. And then, he didn’t reply for months after I asked for his progress. Ugghhhh. If there’s anyone who’d be willing to translate the rest of the novel chapter, I’ll gladly send what I have over.

As for Masamune-kun, this was a problem of free time. The translator in charge of that is busy with university right now. He was the most enthusiastic about Masamune-kun, so this is a huge loss. We are unable to continue this manga since there are no translators who are open to translating Masamune-kun right now. No hard feelings towards the good translator.

So as a note to all of you aspiring translators, please be confident that you’ll have the time and dedication to doing a project.

Thank you, and sorry.

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  1. Oh man, i was so looking forward to the next masamune-kun since the lastest raw chapters look kinda good 🙁 Back to the machine TL it is, hoping for some brave warriors that will translate it in the near future. Thank you guys for the work anyways ? Just out of curiosity, will the TLer for the series come back when he is done with uni or is he retired for good ?

  2. Rough times, well not just anyone can have all the free time to translate for us who can’t read raws. good luck with future projects.

  3. I figured that you dropped Masamune kun because it was officially picked up…go figure, I read the entirety in a day because I loved it

  4. Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru had a story like that behind it eh… Although machine tl is getting better nowadays and you just need to work your ass off to find and fix all the mistakes afterwards. It’s impossible to do unless you have basic knowledge of the language.
    Also it might get picked up soon, since it’s manga version is getting translated and actually got a massive fan base after 3 chapters. Who could have predicted?

    1. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty conflicted with that manga version, since the TL isn’t so hot, and doesn’t seem to have a proofreader by the looks of it. I have half of Chapter 1 of the web novel done, and I’d be glad to give to anyone willing to work on it…

  5. Good evening,

    I’m currently translating “Slime datta ken” (my japaneese is really far from being perfect, however my english is quite good if I may say so.) for my personal pleasure…

    I’m currently studying (home-schooling) which takes a lot of my time, but I stumbled upon this LN and wondered if you happened to have the link to the raws. I can’t guarantee anything, but I can try to see if I can “continue” this project or if it’s too much for me?

    Although until the 11th of March, I won’t be translating anything (got a whole semester to catch up in one week) but afterwards, my study-load should lessen and hence, let me freely continue my “hobby”. 🙂

    So if you’re ever interested, don’t hesitate to hit me up ! I’ll be notified if I receive a reply.

    PS : Ah, but if you’re not interested, is it still possible to have the raws? ;-; I’ll still try to translate but for personal-achievement-ish? (Not sure if that’s how I should describe it…. More for personal use?) Thank you !

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