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Well, the author finally replied. He’s really angry that I translated and dumped Chapter 3 of Dakini. Then I got angry at him because he failed to reply to my emails for a month. I only dumped Chapter 3 because I thought he kicked me to the curb. We argued for a bit and, yeah, it’s all over.

Apparently he looked at the translated shitposting threads on 4chan and wanted to take time to cool his head and expected me to wait for him. How long was I supposed to wait, two months? Also, he was considering my idea, did lots of research about the manga translation business, but he didn’t want me to work on Dakini for free because the idea is “too horrible”. This doesn’t fly with me because I’m the one who suggested working for free in the first place. But hey, he could’ve told me that three weeks earlier. We could’ve worked something out and avoided this stupid shit. Also, he’s planning on making a crowdfunding campaign for an English version of Dakini with the Pandemonium translator. So maybe I provoked him? Maybe he wasn’t going to reply until he found a different translator? I don’t know. Despite the author, Dakini in itself is amazing, so I hope the crowdfunding campaign goes well. I wonder how long it will take for Dakini to get released in English.

He also told me that he doesn’t want me to work on any of his other works, so I’m not going to translate Tsunousagi.


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  1. That’s unfortunate, it is such a downer to have experiences like this with creators. Even though he didn’t approve of it, I hope that the author understands that your actions are a result of enjoying his work to the extent of wanting to share it with those who can’t normally experience it. It is unreasonable to completely treat your actions as being full of malicious intent when he didn’t attempt share his intentions and create a mutual understanding. From how much I enjoy his previous works, I want to believe that this conflict is the result of different cultural interpretations on piracy or emotions stemming from concerns over their craft, and not that the author’s personality is toxic.

    At least there is a silver lining with the intent to fund an English translation. I don’t recall any glaring problems with the Pandemonium translation, but I remember pronouns being confusing in some spots.

    I am pretty bummed out about probably not being able to read Tsunousagi though…

  2. Well this sucks since I found the manga enjoyable but overall the artwork is just as horrible as the author himself.

    Also I can’t wait to see what series is picked up next and good luck on the next project.

  3. Hey man, I know you aren’t gonna wanna hear this but not saying anything was starting to trouble me. You were… Kinda in the wrong here. First of all scanlations are kind of still illegal, like in general. It’s one of those things people generally turn a blind eye to because in some cases it provides a service that doesn’t already exist and in others helps promote a series, yes. But lets look at some special traits of Hana no Kishi Dakini:
    It is entirely self-published. There is no magazine or publishing company backing up Sho. He does this all on his own.
    Each of these chapters you have to pay for to read.

    Combine those two and you get the fact that unlike other manga where you could possibly read it say in a bookstore, library, or convenience store just by picking up the magazine or tankobon there is no way to read this for free in the original language (unless like a friend gives it to you or you pirate it). So in this VERY SPECIFIC case, by posting these translated chapters you are in a way causing Sho to lose money. Now okay obviously it was extremely unlikely for any of us to purchase a webcomic that we cannot read to begin with, but do imagine what the artist must be feeling in this case.

    And as an artist myself like, dude I’d be abso-freakin-lutely FURIOUS if this happened to me. The first line in the screenshot you provided is extremely incriminating too. It says “without my permission again” as in, from the sounds of things, Sho never approved of this in the first place, and that’s probably why he was ignoring your e-mails. Now, okay, I don’t know the full story. Maybe you were making some headway and working stuff out. I don’t know, but if that was the case. Um, yes, yes you do absolutely wait for the aritst to respond. I don’t care if it takes years for them to get back to you, you wait before uploading. No permission? Don’t post. A lack of response does not equal permission.
    There is a very very real problem of people reposing Japanese artist’s work without permission and often as a result of this the artist will IP block based on country access to their website. That combined with the fact that, like, comics people talk to each other. They all know each other, I don’t know if the Japan indie comics scene is as chummy as the western one sure but by going ahead and uploading the chapter without express permission not only did you sour your relationship with this particular artist but probably any of his pals who also make manga as well.
    I can understand that this may be frustrating for you, I’m sure you thought you were doing a good thing. Letting more people learn of this artist, but please do see and understand where his frustrations came from so you can work towards having better and closer relationships with artists in the future where you can provide 100% official and totally legal translations! Wouldn’t that be grand? I am by no means going to stop reading your scans, you have a wonderful selection of more niche and under the radar works. But I do wish that you take the artist’s thoughts and feelings more into consideration moving forward.

    1. Just to make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings, the author–in the last page (author’s note) of Chapter 5 (which was dumped on 4chan)–requested contact of the translator who was uploading Dakini online (and for raw dumps to stop immediately, which they did). He said that if I was a “real fan of Dakini” then I would collaborate with him and come up with a way for English-speakers to buy his Japanese version on Note.mu because I managed to buy the chapters myself despite not being from Japan. Despite being a scanlator–an illegal pirater–I decided to contact him because I wanted people to read his wonderful manga in a way that would be beneficial to everyone. He suggested that the English-fans should read the Japanese version with an English script–made by me–side by side. I didn’t like the idea, but I agreed to it because I didn’t want to anger him. He replied that he was happy that I agreed to his idea.

      Then someone made a huge thread about that author’s note in 4chan, which caused a huge stink. I went to that thread and explained the plan in detail, in which I received much criticism for. Practically none of them supported the idea, which makes sense, considering that manga is a visual medium and must be experienced as such. While they were against the idea, they weren’t against the idea of supporting the author. A few of them suggested better ideas, and I heard them out. In the end, I decided to email the author about a new plan: Having Dakini be typeset in English and him putting it on sale in his website, plus the suggestion of making a Patreon. I explained to him that I would translate it for free and that I my main motivation was to let Dakini more well known to the English-speaking world. One week passed with no reply. I email him again telling him to check my email. Another week passes and still no reply. I email him again telling him to check my email “if he isn’t busy”. I wait another week, and still no reply. I then waited another week just for the heck of it and still no reply. I check his Twitter only to see that he is active, tweeting about video games and the like. On his first email, he told me that he was against me typesetting Dakini because it’s “copyright infringement”. So I suspected that he he was ignoring me on purpose just to keep me in bay, maybe to preserve his original idea. Honestly, I had no idea what to think because he didn’t give me a single reply. But I could only interpret his actions as dismissive. I became 100% sure that he had purposely dismissed my idea, because I couldn’t think of any possible reason behind his actions. I believed that there wouldn’t ever be an English typeset version of Dakini unless I were to upload them myself. There was no way I could respect the idea of there not being an English typeset version at all, which is why I proceeded to upload another chapter of Dakini online under the assumption that he had completely kicked me to the curb.

      It was the morning after that he replied to me as seen in the picture above. I know that the author never approved of me uploading chapters online ever, and that I was ending our relationship by doing so again. I believe his anger would be justified if I didn’t send him those two extra emails after my first email and uploading the chapter without warning, because that would be outright stupid. You tell me that I should’ve taken his thoughts into consideration, and I was trying to do so, but he was making it hard for me to do so because he couldn’t communicate to me at all what he was thinking in regards to an English-typeset version of Dakini. All in all, I chose to end a business relationship because of a horrible misunderstanding in which the author is mostly responsible for because of his failure to communicate with me.

      I appreciate your input on this matter, but please understand that I had every intention of cooperating with the author to make Dakini available to the English-speaking world as cleanly and legitimately as possible, had this miscommunication not occurred.

      1. I am surprised that the author does not accept free translations from you. It is good to know the two parts of the story, sadly, things happened in this way.

        I would like to be able to collaborate economically with Sho, but language barriers make it very difficult, this leads me to ask you two questions:

        For those of us who are not from Japan, or do not have a Japanese credit card, how can we buy “Dakini” through Note.mu? (as a symbol of support)

        Is it strictly necessary to have a Japanese credit card to buy or can I use a creditcard with international features, or a debit card?

        Thank you for your attention

          1. Looking at the instructions, these are the same steps I previously tried and am still unable to make any purchases. In my case, after entering a credit card and clicking on the purchase button, the buy button changes to “Processing” and the confirmation prompt never appears. I’ve tried this with 2 different cards and they both receive a $0.01 pending charge. If it does work with USA credit cards, I haven’t had any luck.

      2. Thanks for actually reading my text wall, I honestly didn’t intend to get so wordy! That’s what I get for letting my thoughts stew I suppose.

        I don’t use reddit so I wouldn’t have known about the stink at all, and I think that’s just silly. Yes sure manga is a visual medium that that sure as shoes didn’t stop the somethingawful translated lets play of Danganronpa and that had comparatively LESS of the game visuals as a proposed “manga on one side script on the other” format (and I’ve read things in that format before for some of Funamusea’s work, they have a bit of a draconian no repost policy with some very specific exceptions). I say you two should have charged forward with that, reddit stink be damned.
        I’d imagine that the typesetting being copyright infringement must be something from Japanese copyright law since as far as I’m aware translations are fine as long as they are authorized (I’m no buff in laws of any kind though). I know that there are some weird things about how much of a thing you are allowed to produce or repost but I think that is mostly in regards to fanwork not original work.

        I’m still not so comfortable with the idea of going ahead and posting the chapter anyway. But that may be, as I said, because I’m an artist. I mean if he didn’t want any reposting, translated or otherwise, there was probably a good reason for it. The reason looking like to be something that has to do with Japanese copyright law which if it is the reason is understandable why he’d want to keep his ass covered. I understand your intention, as good as it was, but my personal beliefs aren’t really going to be wavered on this, and I doubt I’d be able to change yours. C’est la vie

      3. So, the author wants everyone to read English script version and not English-typeset version. This is kind of a bad idea, if you do something like this then I’m sure many people will find it hard to enjoy reading your story. Anyway, thanks for your hard work.

    1. Are you using an auto-translate function? If so, turn it off, as it interferes for whatever reason. I had that same problem happen to me the first time, and when I stopped using it (You can simply refresh the page) it worked.

      1. I have not used auto-translated in any of my attempts, so it is the weirdest thing. I tried firefox, edge and chrome so far, but the same problem occurs whenever I select any of the specific chapters. Have you been able to get every chapter? One way that I deviated from the instructions is creating an account through Twitter, would that have messed anything up?

        1. I have, yes. And that might be the case, although I honestly can’t say for sure. I personally use Chrome, so it wouldn’t be a problem with the browser I think. I would say try letting it sit for a moment, as it can sometimes take a minute or so before it can actually confirm your purchase.

          1. I tried buying the latest chapter and it works now. I haven’t done anything different, but maybe successfully processing the initial charge helped? Who knows.

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