Happy Holidays

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas.

New Year’s is coming up soon. I’m hoping for a good 2016–hopefully a year better than 2015, right?

Anyway, there won’t be a release until 1/2 earliest AFAIK as GDAFF and I will both be on trips.

There should be something ready to release soon after 1/2 though. Well, happy New Year’s!



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4 Replies to “Happy Holidays”

  1. hello, i’m still wait for Yahari. Hope I will see your clean work in next chapter. want to read what happen when 8man & yui meet haruno, the beauty woman in firework festival.

  2. That will take a bit. I’ve given the translated chapter to a typesetter a month ago, but they haven’t replied. After emailing them several times in that period, I’ve decided to send it to another typesetter. Hopefully, it’ll be released sometime this weekend.

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