Hiatus Over

The hiatus is over. This following week will be for catching to Beastars. I’ll release the newest chapters all at once.

Here is my priority over the other projects from highest to lowest:

  • D-Frag (2 chapters)
  • Oregairu Monologue (3 chapters)
  • Konjiki no Word Master (4 chapters)
  • Twilight Princess (4 LONG chapters)

I’ll work on and release the next two chapters of Oregairu by the May 26th.

EDIT: Due to my unstable real-life schedule, the best estimate I can give for Oregairu is the end of the month.

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39 thoughts on “Hiatus Over”

  1. I’m in LOVE with watashi no shounen! Thank you guys SO MUCH for translation!! Keep up the great work ^o^

  2. I cannot stop laughing of all those naive millenials that truly believed these lazy b%$#%$rds, almost a month and no new updates, maybe next year they get up and work…

    1. Last update was 12 days ago, and I think you don’t know how life works. If you want they can stop translating anything and you will take their job if you have time 24/7 like you think they have.

    2. They are doing this on their own free time. The year of the hiatus was finals – I’m sure some of them have things going on right now, like spending time with friends during summer, looking for jobs, or trying to get into college. Just give it time. You’re acting very entitled.

    3. Sigh~
      Trashtalk about something so petty and trivial = guranteed replies, this isnt 4chan

      And lol “Millenials”? Are you even trying?

  3. “EDIT: Due to some work conflict on the typesetter’s end, Oregairu will come at either the end of May or the first week of May.”

    I think there’s a typo here, by the way…

  4. I don’t think defending them helps either. Saying “they have lives” is a stupid excuse. If they are getting criticism for being ridiculously late, it’s obviously they’re own fault for mismanagement, along with not being able to deliver on the time they announced. If people don’t get what they wanted at the time they were expecting, they’re allowed to criticise them. If they don’t want criticism or a bad rep, maybe they should deliver at the date they specified, or just not set a date which they can’t deliver at.

    1. Sigh~ another one…..

      Dear Kunt,

      “they have lives” is not a stupid excuse..simply because scanlation doesnt pay any of our bills, and other daily expenses

      Most scanlation is done as a community service free of charge to anyone who reads it, If anything its the scanlators who are spending money to buy decent raws to send out quality releases (or from donations, that we greatly appreciate)

      The translator is a working college student, so if he announces a release date and fails to achieve it then anyone with common sense should be able o understand why

      And to be honest none if us are really “Busy” , we just have a set of priorities

      PS- you make yourself sound as if youve never made a promise and had to break it cause something important came up


  5. @Pseudologue

    “they have lives” is a pretty stupid excuse. I’m still keeping with that statement. It’s not like I have anything against the people working on this project here, nor does it really affect me as I only discovered this manga recently, but seeing people blindly covering for people who couldn’t deliver what they expected doesn’t help the people working on it.

    As for your comment on the scanlators, it sounds like you are implying that readers are expected to appreciate that the scanlators buys the raws with their own money. Readers showing appreciation for the scanlators shouldn’t be expected, it’s the scanlator’s own choice of purchasing the raws, it’s not like anyone forced them to buy it, and I doubt the scanlators bought the raws unwillingly, otherwise they wouldn’t continue to do something that they’ll get nothing out of.

    The translator failing to achieve delivering at a set date because of certain priorities is as you say, common sense. This doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t expect criticism, and he shouldn’t try and defend himself by saying “I have a life.” He can try and defend himself, but it’s not like he’ll make himself look any better, because in the end, he didn’t deliver something he promised, and will obviously lose the trust of the readers. I’m not claiming that the translator has said any of this yet, but this is just me saying what it looks like with other people just blindly defending him.

    In the end, my point is really that just that the people working on this project shouldn’t expect to not get criticism when they can’t deliver, and they shouldn’t expect to get praise or appreciation just because they did something good for others. Having the translators/scanners or other people defending them really does not help themselves, it just makes them look bad, because in the end they’re just making excuses for their failures. While apologising does make themselves look better, it shouldn’t be expected either, but it will definitely help them.

    PS- Obviously I have broken promises like anyone else has, but I expect to get criticism from it because in the end I was the one at fault, and making excuses for it as if I wasn’t in the wrong is just pathetic.

    1. Lol wall of text i just skimmed through it..summing it up you make it sound were not allowed to fail….and coming from someone who doesnt know anything about any independent scanlation group.

      Your the type of person who reads manga translated for the enjoyment of people and never care about the staff who made it happen

      The only time youll notice us is when we dont release a chapter at your desired sched.

      Selfish and bias ,your like one of those online news mail always one sided never thinking of our own circumstances

      1. (Dang pressed post wasnt done yet)
        Yes we are allowed to be critisized for bad translation ,cleaning , redrawing typesetting.. but for not releasing on time in general? The answer is NO!

        A delayed release is common for any small independent group like ours. Due to the availability of the staff

        If you cant understand that then theres no saving you from your narrow points of view

  6. I can’t tell if you’re calling me bias or yourself. It’s not like bias is a bad thing in the first place, considering there’s no such thing as an unbiased opinion.
    Everything you just said was bias, and you are clearly the one with a narrow point of view, only seeing from your own perspective.

    Maybe if you weren’t lazy and read my comment properly, you’ll realise that I’m not complaining about the project itself being late, and I’m not complaining about the people working on the project either.
    I was originally calling out the readers who try and defend the people on the project, saying things along the lines like “it’s not their fault, they have lives!”

    I don’t know if you are someone working on the project, and I don’t really care.
    That’s how 95% of the community of people who read manga are, so I don’t know why you are calling me on that as if it were an insult.

    I don’t know why you’re trying to avoid the fault of being late as if you’ll lose if you take the blame.
    Just accept that it is your fault and get over it. Taking the blame might not change anything but it might at least satisfy the people who are salty from how late it is.
    You’ll at least get a better reaction compared to looking like someone who just doesn’t want to admit they’re at fault.

    1. There was a hiatus on project releases , when we though we could start projects again something important came up at the translators side that delayed things even more .Its as simple as that.

      Do the readers deserve an apology? In general Yes
      Are we take responsibility for it? YES
      Do you need to post a wall of text expalning that were at fault? NO
      Thats all there is to it

  7. Hmmm hi guys. I kind of understand everyone here. We wouldn’t be here today to enjoy the content they are providing if not for their hardwork.

    I have to admit as a reader and a big one, it s the chocolate syndrome ahah I was kind of disappointed not getting any updates after the promise date and without any news about it.

    I was frustrated since I was hoping to enjoy my time reading it. But once again, it’s thanks to them that we are getting access to these mangas. It s not an obligation and I have to say thanks a lot for it!

    But if you, we do not agree with their release date the time awaiting etc. We have to propose something better or look for something else because complaining and insulting people who are working for you for free or almost nothing. Is not going to change anything if not for the worst.

    Stay safe ! Take care ! And waiting for your mews guys ! Love u !

  8. And all I’m wondering about is the 4 months since Word Master came out and the 4 chapters that were supposed to be in back log. Guess I’ll check back in December.

  9. It’s been over a week since Volume 4 of the TP manga came to the West and the fan translation of the Japanese release (which is particularly valuable given big differences in key dialogue sometimes) which dropped ages ago appears to be perpetually stuck on chapter 28. Sad!

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