Indefinite Hiatus for Projects

The main typesetter is busy, so every project (except Watashi no Shounen, since that has a unique typesetter) is in an indefinite hiatus. I would like to give an estimated date of 2 weeks, but I honestly can’t say for sure because I’ve been wrong many times before. This hiatus could be sooner than 2 weeks, or later. I don’t know. It will be over when it’s over.

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10 thoughts on “Indefinite Hiatus for Projects”

    1. Dude they’re doing this for free, they are not payed to translate these chapters for your freaking sake, so gentle and wait for when they come back patiently. Don’t be a jerk, ba$#4rd.

      1. they are lazy ones, without any commitment, take a look to 4chan /a/, this site, which is the lamest and surely the worst site on the web. There they make the translation and the typestting in HOURS, and with enough quality, the hardest part of this scanlation are the raws and redrawing, anyone can learn japanese, any one can convert pdf, anyone can learn photoshop or any software, so this excuse of not having a typestting is just lame… RIP Beastars and many other series that have been captured by lazy b”#$”%ds

        1. If anyone can learn Japanese then why are you in here sperging out in the first place? Go learn the language instead of polluting the internet with your inane opinions. You aren’t owed shit.

  1. Geaux is right you are owed nothing..and “speedscans” really?…blech…but to each his own..i’ll wait thank you..As for think that anyone who speaks a little can translate? culture frames between languages is an art form…I have no complaints about their work or speed…they certainly are not the slowest group out there. I hope the problems are worked out and they can continue..If they can’t well i will be sorry for that which i don’t get to read from them. good work guys hope to see you again…thanks.

  2. Don’t let the hostility of some of your readers get to you. Your team does a great job on bringing these works to an english audience! Just try taking their hostility has a sign they can’t get enough of it 😛

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