Information about our Translators and Translations (Translation Positions Filled!)

Hello, it’s GDAFF. Sorry I’ve only been doing Beastars lately when I should be working on my other projects. But luckily, I got three new translators (one of them helping me with Beastars), which should reduce my workload quite a bit. It’s good that I’m not the only translator in this group anymore.

Anyway, catching up on D-Frag is my main objective for the rest of the week. When I finally catch up, I’ll finish the current arc in Word Master, and in LotGH.

For now, we don’t need any more translators.

EDIT: Some cleaners would be nice, though.

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16 Replies to “Information about our Translators and Translations (Translation Positions Filled!)”

    1. Well, if you happen to be a skilled translator and an avid fan of the source material (or the old OVA), then you would be of great help.

  1. Oooo thats so cool, I just came across beastars and finished it all in one go lol
    Please keep up the good work, id love to see more of it soon!

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