Information about our Translators and Translations (Translation Positions Filled!)

Hello, it’s GDAFF. Sorry I’ve only been doing Beastars lately when I should be working on my other projects. But luckily, I got three new translators (one of them helping me with Beastars), which should reduce my workload quite a bit. It’s good that I’m not the only translator in this group anymore.

Anyway, catching up on D-Frag is my main objective for the rest of the week. When I finally catch up, I’ll finish the current arc in Word Master, and in LotGH.

For now, we don’t need any more translators.

EDIT: Some cleaners would be nice, though.

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    • Well, if you happen to be a skilled translator and an avid fan of the source material (or the old OVA), then you would be of great help.

  1. Yes! as long as the Beastar chapters are being translated I am very happy! How many chapters of Beastars is currently out in Japan or is it a completed series?

  2. Oooo thats so cool, I just came across beastars and finished it all in one go lol
    Please keep up the good work, id love to see more of it soon!