Priority List

Here is my list of priority manga after I’m done releasing my next batch of Beastars chapters (5 chapters):

  • D-Frag (3+ chapters)
  • Oregairu Monologue (3 chapters)
  • Konjiki no Word Master (4+ chapters)
  • Twilight Princess (4 LONG chapters)

Judging by the heat in the Hiatus Over post, I assume a lot of people didn’t understand this list, so I’ll explain it: I work until I complete the first item on this list, and then move on to the next one. After I’m done with D-Frag, I move on to Oregairu Monologue, and so on.

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ask me when I will complete what because I’ve never been good at estimating deadlines. I planned on releasing five chapters of Beastars last week, but then I was given tasks from my boss at work. In fact, I assumed that I would catch up to Beastars about three weeks ago, but of course, I didn’t. Whenever I was wrong about my estimates, it usually had something to do with work or college. I should also tell you that I’m pretty much the only translator in this group, so I can’t give any of these projects to anyone else. (To anyone who’s curious, Kono Sekai ga Game is being worked on by one of my other translators, although quite slowly.)

I made my list this way because I believe catching up on one series at a time will be most effective. So when one of you asks for updates, just look at this list. Whatever is being worked on will be bold and italicized. And when that’s done, it will be removed from this list, and so on.

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        1. Yeah, we are running slow on this particular chapter of Watashi no Shounen. But we are done with this chapter, and will release it momentarily.

  1. Hey dude/dudette, take your time and don’t stress yourself! I’m DYING to see the next chapters of Beastars knowing they’re out but not translated, but given you’re not paid to do this and it’s a hobby, you have our support (I hope, you have mine atleast) to take as absolutely long as you need. Real life comes first after all. Cheers and good luck!

  2. Thanks for the work, and fuck the people trolling. I’d love to see the complainers step in and actually learn enough to translate or typeset.

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