Progress as of 9/14/2018

Beastars is going to take a while because one: my college semester recently started, and two: I’m going to work on Watashi no Shounen on the weekends.

I’m about done with six of the eight chapters of Beastars, though they won’t be typeset before D-Frag, which will be done soon.

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  1. Aaaand…Twilight Princess? I always feel like you forget about it constantly. I understand you have other mangas to work on but now it doesn’t matter anymore. I just wanted to read “Twilight Princess” earlier than it’s released because the release date was so far away and I couldn’t wait 10 months so I had hope you’d translate it as fast as the previous volumes of “Twilight Princess”. However, the manga was released about a week ago, so it’s way faster for me to just buy it now. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend anyone, I just wanted to state my feelings. You do a great job and make other people happy, but there’s the small portion of people who wait for “Twilight Princess”….and wait…and wait…

    1. I’m actually planning on resuming Twilight Princess after my Beastars release. And I’ll still continue despite the recent release of Vol. 4 because it always takes a long time for the volumes to release. Very sorry for the wait.

      1. I played through the game twice but the manga has a different story and I want to find out more about Link’s, Zelda’s and Midna’s past life. I also ship LinkxIlia a lot and I’m searching for hints in the manga. That’s also why the manga is so long compared to other Zelda-Mangas (already has 5 volumes and it’s just halfway through the storyline).

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