Beastars Chapters 98-101

We’re caught up. I’ll try to release one chapter every Friday.

Beastars - Chapter 98: Meeting Eyes with Myself Twenty Years into the Future

Beastars - Chapter 99: A Leader with a Black Mane

Beastars - Chapter 100: What Happens when you Bust a Tire in a Very Full Train?

Beastars - Chapter 101: Condition for Living: Raising a Stray Dog

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Beastars Chapters 90-97

Just four more chapters till we’re caught up.

Beastars - Chapter 90: The Old Year and the New Year of My Soul

Beastars - Chapter 91: The Howl of a Guardian Deity

Beastars - Chapter 92: You are the Prince of Beasts

Beastars - Chapter 93: A Piece of Golden Hair on my Shirt, Now in My Pocket

Beastars - Chapter 94: Beasts School Wars

Beastars - Chapter 95: A Drop of 18-times Concentrate

Beastars - Chapter 96: I Give You My Crimson Cross Section

Beastars - Chapter 97: We Were Just Out Eating

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Progress as of 9/14/2018

Beastars is going to take a while because one: my college semester recently started, and two: I’m going to work on Watashi no Shounen on the weekends.

I’m about done with six of the eight chapters of Beastars, though they won’t be typeset before D-Frag, which will be done soon.

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