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Regarding Legend of the Galactic Heroes Manga

Hey, it’s GDAFF, to bring you bad news. I’m not releasing the next chapter of Legend of the Galactic Heroes this week. We’ve had a lot of trouble on the cleaner/redrawer side, because we couldn’t find a good set of raws for the chapter, so the cleaning will take quite a while to do. Sorry.
The first volume of the manga is going to release very soon (2/19), so we’ll be using those raws for the chapters after this upcoming one. And when we pass that volume, we’ll try to work something out with the following magazine raws.

So, look forward to the chapter next week.

And in other news, I’m working on releasing D-Frag, Oregairu, and Mondaiji pretty soon. Look forward to those, too.

Till then.

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