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Announcement 9-25-2015

Hey guys, it’s GDAFF. The translator for Konjiki no Moji Tsukai,    D-Frag, Oregairu Monologue, you know.

I wanted to announce that we’re picking up a new manga called “Iwaihime”.

It’s a manga adaption of a new visual novel by Ryukishi07 (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni, Rose Guns Days, etc) with the same name, which by the way, is gonna be horror (what Ryukishi’s best at).  I’ve always been a fan of Ryukishi’s works, and with this manga releasing soon, I begged Zephryial if I could translate it. Yeah, even though I’m responsible for three or so manga and a novel (?) along with the demands of being a high school senior. I like Ryukishi’s works that much.

Now, putting my fanboying aside, I want to state some facts about Iwaihime.

First off, the official description of the visual novel that was translated on Reddit:

Hajakenshou. Crush evil, spread the truth. It is said that each generation, upon reaching a certain age, all boys of the Susuharai family leave home and become independent. Then, relying only on themselves, they train body and soul until they are accepted as adults. And so I prepared myself for this day, learning a great many things so I’d be ready to live on my own.

Susuda Prefectoral High School. My new school. Originally, I planned to enter in first year rather than transfer in second year. Life at school is carefree, and even pleasant. Everyone has a great time in class 2-A.

There’s just… her, Toe Kurokami. “Weird” doesn’t begin to describe her. Always holding that Japanese doll against her chest, never letting go for a second. Some whisper it is a cursed doll, whose hair grows when no one is looking. But it’s just an uncanny doll, with nothing special about it.

Yet, perhaps my meeting that girl was fate…

No, it was fate.

Sounds foreboding, doesn’t it? It seems that Ryukishi has been keeping this work under wraps for about 2 years, so any 07th Expansion fan should probably expect good things out of it. I know I am. (I’m mostly ordering the chapter just so I can get a sneak peek at it lol) The raw for the chapter have already been ordered, so do know that I’m completely set on translating this.

Now for progress on our other manga.


Konjiki no Moji Tsukai: Chapter 10 only needs typesetting, you can expect it to be released in the weekend. The raws for Chapter 11 have been released, so I’ll work on that in the weekend.
Oregairu Monologue: Chapter 14 is already done and only needs QC. The cleaning and redraws for 15 and 16 are done, and the translation for 15 is progressing well, so you should find that these chapters will be released at a good pace.


D-Frag: The translation for Chapter 75 is done. Cleaning and redrawing is being worked and mostly done. The chapter should release sometime soon.


Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru: This… I’m not sure about this one. I took a long break from this because I saw that it was greatly derailing the progress of the manga I was doing at some point. It’s actually the first web novel I took into translating, and I was frustrated by the overwhelming length compared to the first chapter. To put it all the variances into consideration, Chapter 2 is only about 55% done. And I’m honestly not sure when I can get to working on it again with all the other projects I have. Translating novels is truly different from translating manga…


Well, that’s all the announcements for now. I hope you all look forward to our upcoming manga!


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