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About Our Situation and Game Plan (Translator and Typesetter Positions NOT Filled!)

So, there are only like six active members right now.

One guy’s translating Oregairu, and I’m translating every other project. (And proofreading the Youjo Senki manga.) One other translator is inactive. One cleaner and two redrawers help with everything, and one typesetter is in charge of every project we have.

So, this is pretty rough.

Remember my post with the happy Kiryuu-sensei? Yeah so, unfortunately three translators bailed on me and won’t even reply to my messages.

I was really hoping those three translators would work on other projects so we’d have a good momentum on all of our projects, since I’ve been seriously neglecting Zelda and Galactic Heroes too. Pretty much all our other projects, really.

Here’s the game plan.

We (me, Omega765 and pseudologue) will focus 100% on D-Frag and Word Master (D-Frag first). We won’t stop until we’re caught up.

Also, I updated our Progress for once. I’ll be doing that weekly.

Information about our Translators and Translations (Translation Positions Filled!)

Hello, it’s GDAFF. Sorry I’ve only been doing Beastars lately when I should be working on my other projects. But luckily, I got three new translators (one of them helping me with Beastars), which should reduce my workload quite a bit. It’s good that I’m not the only translator in this group anymore.

Anyway, catching up on D-Frag is my main objective for the rest of the week. When I finally catch up, I’ll finish the current arc in Word Master, and in LotGH.

For now, we don’t need any more translators.

EDIT: Some cleaners would be nice, though.

Announcement 3-8-17

Hey, guys. It’s GDAFF, here to announce that I’m picking up yet another manga. It’s called Beastars, a weekly manga that I’ve been reading it since it was first being serialized. Batoto Page

I honestly don’t think I can pick up any more manga. I’m treading on thin ice just picking up this one. But I’ll be sure to pick up the pace with Oregairu, D-Frag, and pretty much every project we have.

Announcement 7-22-2016

GDAFF here to announce that we are going to use the digital manga raws of Legend of the Galactic Heroes instead of the magazine raws.  So, we have to take a one month hiatus on releasing the chapters until Vol. 3 of the manga releases (8/19).

Our magazine raws are very low quality and I can’t find better raws, and it takes too much time and skill to make those raws look presentable. This is also one of our reasons why we’ve been behind on our other projects. It’s best to have the greatest quality manga possible while keeping convenient for other projects.

I’ll still continue to translate with our magazine raws, so you’ll find that the chapters will release at a steady rate during the end of next month.

Announcement 7-15-2016

GDAFF here. I’m here to announce that we’re picking up “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” manga.

Now anyone who’s aware must surely be confused on why I would choose to translate a manga that’s already been licensed by Viz Media. Well, here’s the thing: I have access to the digital chapters that release every two weeks. Viz Media is going to release the volumes (which contain about eight chapters) that release every four months or so. I am translating this so people will be able to read the latest chapter. I plan on releasing two chapters a week.

“The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” by Akira Himekawa


Regarding Oregairu Monologue

GDAFF here. Many of you Oregairu fans must be wondering why we’re taking so long with releasing chapters. It’s a long story, but I’m going to make it brief:

I assigned Chapter 21 to a translator recruit. After I asked him for his progress after a week, he replied that he’s in a camp of some sort and that he doesn’t have much free time, but will try to finish the chapter as soon as possible. Then a month passes and I asked for his progress on a weekly basis, in which he didn’t reply once. So I decided to dismiss him from doing the chapter and try to translate it myself.

So yeah, we’re really sorry for having all these delays. But it’s not like we’ve given up on it, okay? I am very passionate about the manga, so I intend on going through with it. It’s going to be tough with the other projects I’m doing, but I’m still going to do it. Okay? Okay.

Dropping Projects (sob) and Problems Regarding Translators

GDAFF here. I am sad to say that we have bad news. We are dropping the following projects: Maousama Chotto Sore Totte!, Masamune-kun no Revenge and Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru. The main reason is because of the lack of translators with sufficient free time and/or dedication towards these projects. But if there’s anyone who cares about all the details, here’s the full story:

For Maousama, I assigned it once to a translator. After a week or so, I asked him for his progress  on the chapter he was working on. He replied that he was finished and polishing it up. One week later I ask him for his progress again. He doesn’t reply. This goes on for about a two months, and eventually I got tired of it and assigned to another translator. I assigned her two chapters to do. One month later I ask her for her progress and she says that she’s almost done with them. One week later after I ask for her progress, she replies that she’s had internet problems but is working on finishing them. And then, two months later of asking for weekly progress reports and no replies… So yeah. It seems that we are simply unable to work on Maousama (sob). Now what I want to address is that if you’re a translator and want to work for a scanlation group, you have to make sure you have the time and dedication to work on a project. If you don’t, then you’re simply not up to the task. Also, there’s no shame in admitting that you’re not up to the task of something, rather than not doing so and causing harm to a project. No hard feelings, just…reply. Gosh.

For Hiraheishi… Well, this is complicated and I’m mostly to blame. For about 1 month, I’ve been trying to get Chapter 1 finished, saying I’d complete it by the end of the week to the boss (Zephyrial) only not to. I’ve completed half of the chapter, but I seriously doubt I can complete it. I have completely underestimated translating web novels. Chapter 1 is much longer and much more in-depth and filled with creative Japanese diction that handling it was a nightmare for me. Being the inexperienced and stubborn translator I was, I pressed on trying to complete it only to increase my stress levels. Eventually, I gave up. One month passed, and then some guy wanted to do a Machine TL of the novel so he could test his Japanese skills or something. Now I’m not a fan of Machine TLs and I personally thought that giving it to him would go against my pride as a translator, but eh, I wasn’t going to complete it, so I gave it to him in the end. And then, he didn’t reply for months after I asked for his progress. Ugghhhh. If there’s anyone who’d be willing to translate the rest of the novel chapter, I’ll gladly send what I have over.

As for Masamune-kun, this was a problem of free time. The translator in charge of that is busy with university right now. He was the most enthusiastic about Masamune-kun, so this is a huge loss. We are unable to continue this manga since there are no translators who are open to translating Masamune-kun right now. No hard feelings towards the good translator.

So as a note to all of you aspiring translators, please be confident that you’ll have the time and dedication to doing a project.

Thank you, and sorry.