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Hana no Kishi Dakini DROPPED

Well, the author finally replied. He’s really angry that I translated and dumped Chapter 3 of Dakini. Then I got angry at him because he failed to reply to my emails for a month. I only dumped Chapter 3 because I thought he kicked me to the curb. We argued for a bit and, yeah, it’s all over.

Apparently he looked at the translated shitposting threads on 4chan and wanted to take time to cool his head and expected me to wait for him. How long was I supposed to wait, two months? Also, he was considering my idea, did lots of research about the manga translation business, but he didn’t want me to work on Dakini for free because it’s “too horrible”. This doesn’t fly with me because I’m the one who suggested working for free in the first place. But hey, he could’ve told me that three weeks earlier. We could’ve worked something out and avoided this stupid shit. Also, he’s planning on making a crowdfunding campaign for an English version of Dakini with the Pandemonium translator. So maybe I provoked him? Maybe he wasn’t going to reply until he found a different translator? I don’t know. Despite the author, Dakini in itself is amazing, so I hope the crowdfunding campaign goes well. I wonder how long it will take for Dakini to get released in English.

He also told me that he doesn’t want me to work on any of his other works, so I’m not going to translate Tsunousagi.


Our Current Situation (As of 10-1-2017)

Hello, it’s GDAFF. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a good number of chapters. There’s a problem with Beastars raws, which I intend to get fixed, plus I need to get the next chapter of Word Master out of the way.

Here is the order of manga that I am going to work on in the next two weeks or so: One chapter of Word Master, Beastars, Watashi no Shounen, Maousama, Beast Complex.

Look forward to it.

Our Current Situation (As of 8-28-2017)

Hello, it’s GDAFF. There were a few times where I said I would release some chapters of some of our projects in the weekend. However, my summer has recently ended, and I’ll be back to my college classes and whatnot. Since I am the translator and manager for most of our projects, our overall progress will be hindered quite a bit. Of course, that isn’t to say we’ll be completely inactive. Just a bit slower.

This week, I plan on releasing one chapter of D-Frag, Beast Complex, Maousama, the usual Beastars, and Word Master.

About Our Situation and Game Plan (Translator and Typesetter Positions NOT Filled!)

So, there are only like six active members right now.

One guy’s translating Oregairu, and I’m translating every other project. (And proofreading the Youjo Senki manga.) One other translator is inactive. One cleaner and two redrawers help with everything, and one typesetter is in charge of every project we have.

So, this is pretty rough.

Remember my post with the happy Kiryuu-sensei? Yeah so, unfortunately three translators bailed on me and won’t even reply to my messages.

I was really hoping those three translators would work on other projects so we’d have a good momentum on all of our projects, since I’ve been seriously neglecting Zelda and Galactic Heroes too. Pretty much all our other projects, really.

Here’s the game plan.

We (me, Omega765 and pseudologue) will focus 100% on D-Frag and Word Master (D-Frag first). We won’t stop until we’re caught up.

Also, I updated our Progress for once. I’ll be doing that weekly.

Information about our Translators and Translations (Translation Positions Filled!)

Hello, it’s GDAFF. Sorry I’ve only been doing Beastars lately when I should be working on my other projects. But luckily, I got three new translators (one of them helping me with Beastars), which should reduce my workload quite a bit. It’s good that I’m not the only translator in this group anymore.

Anyway, catching up on D-Frag is my main objective for the rest of the week. When I finally catch up, I’ll finish the current arc in Word Master, and in LotGH.

For now, we don’t need any more translators.

EDIT: Some cleaners would be nice, though.

Announcement 3-8-17

Hey, guys. It’s GDAFF, here to announce that I’m picking up yet another manga. It’s called Beastars, a weekly manga that I’ve been reading it since it was first being serialized. Batoto Page

I honestly don’t think I can pick up any more manga. I’m treading on thin ice just picking up this one. But I’ll be sure to pick up the pace with Oregairu, D-Frag, and pretty much every project we have.