Hiatus Over

The hiatus is over. This following week will be for catching to Beastars. I’ll release the newest chapters all at once.

Here is my priority over the other projects from highest to lowest:

  • D-Frag (2 chapters)
  • Konjiki no Word Master (4 chapters)
  • Twilight Princess (4 LONG chapters)

Watashi no Shounen will be done weekly until we catch up.

I’ll work on and release the next two chapters of Oregairu by the May 26th.


Indefinite Hiatus for Projects

The main typesetter is busy, so every project (except Watashi no Shounen, since that has a unique typesetter) is in an indefinite hiatus. I would like to give an estimated date of 2 weeks, but I honestly can’t say for sure because I’ve been wrong many times before. This hiatus could be sooner than 2 weeks, or later. I don’t know. It will be over when it’s over.


There will be a delay for the following projects: Konjiki no Word Master, Beastars, D-Frag, Twilight Princess.

The 100th chapter of D-Frag and the next chapter of Twilight Princess are done being translated. Word Master is half done. Beastars hasn’t been translated yet.

Beastars is a special case because it has an interview with Itagaki Paru, the author of Beastars. It’s four pages long, and it is quite lengthy. I’ll finish Word Master first.

The typesetter is quite busy with life and will take a few days to finish D-Frag and Word Master before Beastars is done. Plus that interview will take a while to typeset as well.

Also, I plan on working on the next two chapters of Watashi no Shounen in the weekend.