Thanks All Our Donors and Their Generous Donations!

Donations are a way for scanlation groups to be able to thrive, with the need for raws and other supplies. As LemonScans stated,

With donation funding, readers are able support us and also support the authors with the funding they provide which in turn promotes longevity and timely scans. At the moment, we can find a majority of our scans online so anything donated at the moment would most likely be set aside for future unreleased books or future series. Donations may also provide other benefits such as keeping the website active or other goodies that we’re working on for the future (which will be exciting ho ho ho). (quoted with permission from MaxLemon, the leader of LemonScans)

I found that this was a very good way of describing it, better than any other scanlation website I’ve seen. For that reason, I chose to use a part of his message into mine so that I could try to convey the message without plagiarizing.

You donors help both the scanlation community and the manga community at large, helping both we scanlators and the authors who make these series.

Below is a list based on donation date, from earliest to most recent.

Please note that this list is, by no means, anything defamatory or discriminatory, so if any of those mentioned takes offense at being named, please let me know so I can remedy the problem.

Commemorative Wall


Thanks to

  • Raymond Cason
  • Hung Do
  • Cory Sanborn
  • Miguel Alcaraz
  • Victor Gillholm
  • Sebastian Tee
  • Amanda Kern
  • Christian Onuk


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  1. excuse me….but konjiki no moji tsukai chapter 2 and chapter 3 has the same ddl file. Please could you try to fix it??
    PS. I love what your doing here…you have my greatest gratitude!!!

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