D-Frag Chapter 66

This is the chapter of D-Frag I was promising! Chapter 67 should be done soon, same estimation as I made for Chapter 66 when I released Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Chapter 4. I believe it’ll be within the week. Hopefully, the progress is the same for Chapter 68. By the way, I know that /a/non has already scanlated chapter 68 and 69, but I still wish to translate those. However, if chapter 70 comes out before i get around to scanlating those two chapters, I’ll push chapter 70 to a higher priority than chapter 68 and 69 since they were already scanlated, and I could scanlate them later. On another note… We’re currently up-to-date with Konjiki no Moji Tsukai, but the next chapter should come out soon. It’s a monthly series. Also, chapter 69 is the latest chapter for D-Frag, but that too, should come out in a little bit.

On another note, I’m thinking of changing the recruitment page soon, once I stop being so lazy. After all, I’ve been using the same two since this group was founded.

Again, about changing the domain, I’ll give a post and/or an auto-direct to the new domain before I move my domain.


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D-Frag Chapter 65.5: Volume 9 Extras

These are the D-Frag Volume 9 Extras that I said were going to be posted soon. The next chapter of D-Frag should be released within the week, hopefully (same as what I said last post). Also, I might be moving the site later. When I do, I will either make it automatically redirect from hotchocolatescans.wordpress.com to whatever my new domain would be or make a post about it and link that to my new website. Anyway, like usual, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


D-Frag! - Chapter 65.5: Volume 9 Omake

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