At the moment, we’re interested in picking up some more series. Right now, I have a mostly sustainable model for all of my current series. It would be best to have more fast typesetters, but the main thing is to get more staff so I can pick up more series.
– Zephyrial

Personally, I prefer to work with people who are really interested in a specific project. Most people who just want to work on “whatever” often go missing extremely quickly. If you’re not interested in one of our current projects, you can suggest one to work on if you’re experienced enough, although you’ll have to hope other people are also willing to work on it.
– Xelivous

Make sure that you are competent and you are willing.




A Translator would need to have a good grasp of the language he is translating from, be it Japanese or Chinese, and a good amount of English writing skills for coherency and creativity, since translators are essentially storytellers.

A Typesetter would need a decent understanding of Photoshop and be able to choose the proper fonts.

A Proofreader would require native level English and a good grasp on the grammatical rules and idiomatic expressions.

Cleaners and Redrawers also need a good understanding of Photoshop, and a Redrawer would need more graphic art ability than a Cleaner.

Cleaners, Redrawers, and Typesetters can be taught, and I could send tutorials over, but Proofreaders and Translators cannot be taught. At best, for a Proofreader, tips can be given, but it would be impossible to teach everything that must be known for the job.

 Note: Even if the demand for a position is low, we’ll still look at your application if you want to work with us. As mentioned above, we want to work on a lot more series and will take all of the help we can get.


Current demand: Medium

Experienced cleaners who don’t try to de-noise raws using paint daubs until they’re a blurry mess would be helpful! We tend to mostly do web-series though, so our need for cleaners is often extremely low.

Current demand: Medium

New translators are welcome. We have very high standards; great accuracy that does the original text justice,  great writing skills to make the text coherent,  a good amount of creativity, and dependable speed.

Current demand: Medium

No particular need, but they’re welcome for now.


Current demand: None

We have enough proofreaders.


Current demand: Medium

Moderately welcome.

The more redrawers we have, the less work each one needs to do. Although that’s assuming you’re actually competent at your job! If you want to redraw for a specific project, we can always move people around.
– Xelivous


Please complete one of these tests for your desired position and link them with your application.

JPN Translator Test

Cleaning and or Redrawing Test (According to desired position)

Typesetting Test

You can also just hang out in the IRC room if you’re interested in joining. We’re pretty friendly most of the time, although we’re not always there!

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