8 thoughts on “Beastars Chapters 87-89”

  1. So are going to have to wait another month for the next update?? I mean you’re back 6 chapters at least.
    Can’t you be serious once??

  2. Thank you for continuing to scanlate this series! It’s the best ongoing series out there right now in my opinion. and wtf is up with some of the self-entitled comments…

  3. I haven’t been around here in a while, but I’m glad there was a 3 chapter update waiting for me upon my return. Life must have been very busy. I am doing a lot better since the last time I came here, but the stress in my life has intensified over the last weeks. I am really grateful for the great content I can read here whenever I need an uplift, though.

    Pina is great as ever… and even greater this time. Truly my favourite character.

    It was really nice to see a meeting between Legosi and Louis again too. I love seeing them interact. I still can’t believe Louis smiled like that, but I am very happy to see it. I do agree that Legosi does very crazy things though.

    Thank you very much for the great work. Please take as long as you need.

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