Beastars Chapters 90-97

Just four more chapters till we’re caught up.

Beastars - Chapter 90: The Old Year and the New Year of My Soul

Beastars - Chapter 91: The Howl of a Guardian Deity

Beastars - Chapter 92: You are the Prince of Beasts

Beastars - Chapter 93: A Piece of Golden Hair on my Shirt, Now in My Pocket

Beastars - Chapter 94: Beasts School Wars

Beastars - Chapter 95: A Drop of 18-times Concentrate

Beastars - Chapter 96: I Give You My Crimson Cross Section

Beastars - Chapter 97: We Were Just Out Eating

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  1. Thank you very much! I know it’s a lot of effort and as a college student myself, it’s hard to take out some of the study time to do other things

  2. Thank you so much. This manga is something truly special, if it wasn’t for your hard work i would have never been able to experience something so amazing. Thanks!

  3. damn beastars didnt have to go this hard but it did. intense!!!

    thanks for the effort once again! loved to read this many chapters at once!

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