D-Frag Chapter 69 and 70 Version 2

Ah, I had Chapter 69 and Chapter 70 re-translated and redone because there were a significant amount of errors in both chapters. Anyway, these chapters be good because they were completely re-translated from scratch. By the way, the next chapter of Maou-sama is currently being translated, for the fans of that chapter, I’m sorry for the delay. The next chapter of Hiraheishi is currently being translated, so that’ll take a bit of time. Also, the raws for the next chapter of Konjiki no Moji Tsukai have not come out yet, but when they do, that’ll cause a delay in Hiraheishi’s translation as they share the same translator.

I hope you guys enjoy these chapters!


D-Frag! - Chapter 69 v2: We Won't Do It Again~

D-Frag! - Chapter 70 v2: That's Where You're Wrong

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  1. I noticed you’ve translated the latest volume omake. Out of curiosity, do you plan to translate the ones from the previous volumes, or the bonus chapters from 8.5?

    Thank you.

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