D-Frag Chapter 66

This is the chapter of D-Frag I was promising! Chapter 67 should be done soon, same estimation as I made for Chapter 66 when I released Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Chapter 4. I believe it’ll be within the week. Hopefully, the progress is the same for Chapter 68. By the way, I know that /a/non has already scanlated chapter 68 and 69, but I still wish to translate those. However, if chapter 70 comes out before i get around to scanlating those two chapters, I’ll push chapter 70 to a higher priority than chapter 68 and 69 since they were already scanlated, and I could scanlate them later. On another note… We’re currently up-to-date with Konjiki no Moji Tsukai, but the next chapter should come out soon. It’s a monthly series. Also, chapter 69 is the latest chapter for D-Frag, but that too, should come out in a little bit.

On another note, I’m thinking of changing the recruitment page soon, once I stop being so lazy. After all, I’ve been using the same two since this group was founded.

Again, about changing the domain, I’ll give a post and/or an auto-direct to the new domain before I move my domain.


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  1. Just a suggestion: I suspect you are trying to translate okaa-sama to english. Wouldn’t it be better if you translated it as ‘Honorable Mother’, ‘Esteemed Mother’ or something similar instead of just ‘Mother’?

    1. I suppose, but I think the difference between “mother” and “mum” should be similar to okaasama and okaasan. After all, most children don’t use “mother”. They use “mom” or “mum”. It’s true that okaasama is more formal than mother, but “honorable mother” or “esteemed mother” just wouldn’t sound normal.

      1. Yes I agree ‘esteemed mother’ or similar doesn’t sound very normal, but keep in mind the use of okaa-sama isn’t very normal either. When I hear okaa-sama used, it immediately brings to mind the a daughter of a noble/rich family talking to a influential/powerful woman who happens to be her mother. While ‘esteemed’ might be a bit over the top, just using ‘mother’ feels a bit too plain to suit.

      2. Thanks for the explanation. I just confused whether it’s different in suffixes (okaa-sama/okaa-san) or in sentence (okaa-san/mama/haha-ue)

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