D-Frag Chapter 73

Hey, here’s the next chapter of D-Frag.

Well, I’m probably going to release Maou-sama sometime soon. Also, Kono Sekai ga Game 3 will be typesetted soon. I don’t know where my TL for Mondaiji went, tbh. He’s also the one for Konjiki, so just waiting for him to return.

Anyway, time to get hyped for Oregairu. Oregairu’ll be on full steam once I get the 2nd chapter of Hiraheishi out and D-Frag, once it comes out.

D-Frag! - Chapter 73: Alive is Almighty!!

Here’s a preview of the next chapter. Get hype.

Oregairu Preview

I was trying to find the Sore Aru clip, but the only one I found was terrible, so I’m going to give you the anime scene for the previous chapter we had.

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