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  1. Hey guys, I love to read Beastars but could you drop the “kun-san-chan-sama” please? they aren’t Japanese, They’re are Animals, the story doesn’t even happen in Japan, so it would be more realistic if you try to de-japanatize and adapt the script to more occidenttal styles of writing? thank you, that would be great. I’m sure you can find alrternatives to honorifics.

    1. Well, let me first explain that Beastars is technically a Japanese setting, since they use the Yen currency (which I think is proof enough). I understand that writing stuff like “Wolf-kun” and “Louis-senpai” sounds strange in English, but my rule is that if it is a Japanese setting, I should put honorifics. Not because of any attempt to glorify Japanese culture, but because I personally prefer it that way. I would remove the honorifics if it weren’t in a Japanese setting, like One Piece or Shingeki no Kyojin, but since it technically is, I won’t.

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