Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Chapter 5

Well, damn. I didn’t realize it’s been two months since I released the last chapter. Sorry about that, guys. Chapter 6 is currently being translated and redrawn; my redrawer’s back for a bit, working on chapter 6 before he has to study for exams. So, chapter 7, I have to decide whether to delay it for a bit or just not redraw sfx. I’m leaning more towards not redrawing sfx for chapter 7, so that’s what’s happening for now. Chapter 7 should be coming out soon in Japan… probably any day now.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on releasing this today, to be honest. However, I looked at the date today, and it was 4/20. Of course, the reason to celebrate UN Chinese Language Day. Kek. Of course that’s not why I’m releasing it today. I hope you guys have had a wonderful 4/20 today.

Chapter 6 should be up somewhere in early May, I’m hoping. Possibly even sooner, although I wouldn’t get my hopes up there. After all, early May’s going to be hell for me, with all my exams.

In other news, we’re picking up Oregairu for now. I’ve talked to Viscoun, the leader of Vistrans, about this, and we’ve come to an agreement, so we’ll be picking this up. But, like what I said in the previous paragraph, things will be slow until after my exams in May. Several of the staff also have exams in May too, so that’s also slowing it all down.


Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 05: A Sudden Encounter, Part 1

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