Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Chapter 6

Here’s chapter 6. There were problems with the typesetter, as he didn’t respond to my emails for a few days. I had to finish fixing the typesets after that. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Chapter 7 has been translated, and the redraws are almost done.

More importantly, I need a translator for Mondaiji. I don’t want to spend about $30 on Mondaiji raws if I don’t have a steady team for that project, so I need a translator, and if possible, a typesetter as well, for that project before I purchase the raws. So, if possible, I’d love to get a typesetter and translator for Mondaiji. Mondaiji’s one of my favorite casual anime series, and I love the novel, so I’m hoping to pick up this manga.

On another note, this is the first release since I got my XDCC Bot. The trigger for this will be !word6

The rest of the triggers are in the channel topic, as I linked a .txt file of all the triggers and instructions for people who are new to IRC.

EDIT: I’m using a new direct download client. I’m not sure if it’ll work well. Let me know if it doesn’t. Also, if it doesn’t, just use the IRC download.


Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 06: A Sudden Encounter, Part 2

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    1. Focusing on one manga wouldn’t really increase the speed much. Most of the staff I have are working on only one project anyway, and at most, two. Most, at least. Ah, I forgot to mention: the only exception I can think of, besides myself, is the other admin, who is a translator. That’s kinda why I’m looking for a translator for Mondaiji.

    2. You should learn how to redraw so i can use you as a redraw slave on the panels i don’t want to draw 1000 action lines on ;^)

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