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    1. yea GDAFF is now pulling double duty and is translating 4 series simultaneously. would be nice to find someone dedicated for it so gdaff doesn’t get overworked.

      I have the raws for ch10/ch11 (9.5/10) already; they just need to be translated/edited. Shouldn’t be too long; i’d like to catch up to the raws again at the least.

      meanwhile i’m doing a full editor’s job for this series now…

      edit: Even though your raws are pretty jpeg’d (while mine aren’t), they’re about 1.5x the size of mine; I might just fix them up a bit and use the larger ones regardless, so thanks.

  1. Thank you very much for the release. Maou was just incredibly cute. Thank you for the scnalation, Keep up the good work.

  2. yeah, thank you for the chapter, i tried to read the novel but i cant find the similar story from the last chapter,
    i am glad the manga translated again \o/

  3. wow thanks for the new chap i got worried for abit, im really loving this so far. please keep up the great work & thanks again 🙂

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