Kono Sekai ga Game Chapter 2

Here’s the second chapter of Kono Sekai ga Game.

So, I’ve gotten the raws for Mondaiji from The Last Chapter, but they’re scans, so I’m going to need a cleaner for this series too. I’ve gotten the position of TL filled for Mondaiji, and I might have gotten TS filled as well. However, I’m going to need a cleaner though. Otherwise, I’ll have to buy the ebook version online, which is preleveled and oriented. So, if any cleaner is interested in helping with Mondaiji, that’d be great.


Kono Sekai ga Game da to Ore dake ga Shitteiru - Chapter 02

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5 thoughts on “Kono Sekai ga Game Chapter 2”

  1. A rl game …that is full of bugs … why?
    Because it’s funniers this way?
    Well i will see it in the next chapter’s.
    Thx for the chapter … i think? x’D

    1. I gave it to my typesetter a while ago, and he said he’d probably finish before the 14th, so I’ll release it before the 20th if all goes well.

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