Yuzuko Peppermint Chapter 1

Yay! I finally managed to get this chapter out after it being in limbo for so long; Thanks Tairabox!~ Also thanks to my friend for giving me the original translation I used waaaay long ago.

I may or may not end up doing a V2 for this in the future, but at least it’s good enough to release it now. One thing is for sure though, I really need to get better at typesetting. I have no problem redrawing the entire chapter in a day, and yet typesetting takes me something like four days to get it all on the page. And don’t even get me started on all of those long thin bubbles…

Yuzuko Peppermint - Volume 01 Chapter 01: The Full Moon is a Relic of Ancient Times

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  1. Pass this on to the cleaner/redrawer. THANK YOU SO MUCH. We really do appreciate you going the extra mile and redrawing the SFX instead of putting a dumb TL note in the margins.

    1. if you still have access to the drama CD that came with it, then the tracks are loose adaptations to the first two volumes.

      Track #2 is the beginning of chapter 1, and track #4 is the end of chapter 1. Track #5 is chapter 2 to chapter 7 I believe?
      Then starting at track #8 is the beginning of volume 2.

      Tracks #3 and #9 are the “OP”, tracks #6 and #12 are the “ED”. #1 and #7 are the “intro” that tells you which volume that section is based on.

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