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Beastars Chapters 90-97

Just four more chapters till we’re caught up.

Beastars - Chapter 90: The Old Year and the New Year of My Soul

Beastars - Chapter 91: The Howl of a Guardian Deity

Beastars - Chapter 92: You are the Prince of Beasts

Beastars - Chapter 93: A Piece of Golden Hair on my Shirt, Now in My Pocket

Beastars - Chapter 94: Beasts School Wars

Beastars - Chapter 95: A Drop of 18-times Concentrate

Beastars - Chapter 96: I Give You My Crimson Cross Section

Beastars - Chapter 97: We Were Just Out Eating

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A tidbit about Zootopia from an interview of the author of Beastars

A common misconception of Beastars is that the author, Itagaki Paru, based her manga off of Zootopia when in actuality she came up with the concept (mainly Legosi’s character) around when she was at middle school.

In a recent interview, Paru was asked what her favorite Disney movies are, which then shifted the topic to Zootopia. I found this interesting because Paru doesn’t talk about Zootopia much at all, despite what one would expect.

Here’s the translation of this particular part of the interview:

What are your favorite Disney movies?

Paru: The Lion King and Dumbo.

By the way, have you seen Zootopia?

Paru: I did, a little after it was released in theaters. Before I did, though, I asked my editor if it was even okay for me to watch it. I was really nervous about watching it because its themes and worldbuilding seemed to really resemble my own work and it was made by an amazing company to boot. It could influence me greatly or even kill my motivation to work. Eventually, I saw it, and despite the similarities, they’re not the same. I was relieved, and I got to enjoy it for what it was.

Here’s a link to the full Japanese interview (this part was at the end of Page 3): http://konomanga.jp/interview/139453-2

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