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About Our Situation and Game Plan (Translator and Typesetter Positions NOT Filled!)

So, there are only like six active members right now.

One guy’s translating Oregairu, and I’m translating every other project. (And proofreading the Youjo Senki manga.) One other translator is inactive. One cleaner and two redrawers help with everything, and one typesetter is in charge of every project we have.

So, this is pretty rough.

Remember my post with the happy Kiryuu-sensei? Yeah so, unfortunately three translators bailed on me and won’t even reply to my messages.

I was really hoping those three translators would work on other projects so we’d have a good momentum on all of our projects, since I’ve been seriously neglecting Zelda and Galactic Heroes too. Pretty much all our other projects, really.

Here’s the game plan.

We (me, Omega765 and pseudologue) will focus 100% on D-Frag and Word Master (D-Frag first). We won’t stop until we’re caught up.

Also, I updated our Progress for once. I’ll be doing that weekly.