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There will be a delay for the following projects: Konjiki no Word Master, Beastars, D-Frag, Twilight Princess. The 100th chapter of D-Frag and the next chapter of Twilight Princess are done being translated. Word Master is half done. Beastars hasn’t been translated yet. Beastars is a special case because it has an interview with Itagaki Paru, the … Continue reading Delays


Latest Releases

Manga Releases


Eiyuu Kyoushitsu


Kamisama Drop

Konjiki no Moji Tsukai

Kono Sekai ga Game

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Maou-sama Chotte Sore Totte

Masamune-kun no Revenge

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. – Mougenroku-

Yuzuko Peppermint


Beastars – Chapter 69: Translating

D-Frag — Up to date

Iwaihime — Ch 3: On hold

Konjiki no Moji Tsukai — Ch. 37: Translating

Kono Sekai — Ch. 5: On hold

Legend of the Galactic Heroes—  Ch 22-24: On hold

Maou-sama — Ch 18: On hold

Mondaiji—        Ch.  4-6: On hold

Oregairu — On hold

Kiryuu-sensei  Ch 7 + 8: On hold

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ー Ch. 28: Typesetting

Watashi no Shounen – Ch. 8-9: Translating


Novel Releases

Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru



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  1. All right, so I’ve changed the layout of this website so that an index would be the front page rather than a scroll of the posts. I did this because I felt that it would be easier to access older posts in this way. There’s still a way to access the scroll of new posts, which is by going to the page labeled “Posts.”

  2. Thank you very much for the latest release of Maousama. The little martial girl was so cute. Maou was so echhi handing her panties over like that.

    1. Well, actually, proofreading doesn’t take long at all. I’d say it would only take one hour per 30 pages for a good translation, but around 1 hour per 10 pages for a terrible translation. Of course, there are different variables to how fast the proofreading would take.

      Most of the time, even if it says Proofreading up there in the progress bar, the actual reason is either that i just didn’t update the progress bar or that I don’t have a typesetter for it open. If I don’t have a typesetter for a project open, I wouldn’t proofread it yet because there would be no real point to proofreading it so early. I’d still have to wait for the typesetter.

      Moreover, if you’re asking about Maou-sama and which of the following it falls under, it would be that I have to wait for a typesetter to be free. The typesetter I have for that series will be available on the 13th, so I hope that I can have both the omake and the chapter done by the 15th. (We’ll see, of course, as I, and many others in the group, have tests right now.)

    1. No idea. I’ll have tests for the next two days, and then tests will resume again on Monday until Wednesday. After that, I have to prepare for a standardized test at the first week of June. I might be able to squeeze it in there somewhere, but Masamune-kun is actually the hardest to PR from the projects I have right now, so it might be a while.

    1. Magref?

      Also, I know where I could buy the raws online, but I haven’t found any free raws. Before, I said that I would buy them if I were to get a new translator for it, but I haven’t gotten any applicants for that yet.

    1. tl;dr
      I QC’d it, then zephy QC’d it because he didn’t see my QC, then I QC’d zephy’s QC to merge our QCs, and now zephy just needs to release it. this all happened last night, so it’ll probably be released whenever he gets online.

    1. Chapter 9 is basically redrawn. Translation is like 1/3rd done because of ~issues~, and it’s currently in limbo until those issues are sorted out.

    1. For most series that have the release pending then that’s totes what it means. It’s “done” in the sense that it has been through translation/proofread/clean/redraw/typeset/”quality check”, and then Zeph just needs to:

      • export the images
      • rename the images in case they aren’t in the correct naming/order
      • zip images
      • make sure zip works, and that nothing fucked up in the exporting
      • upload to everywhere with correct names/etc
      • make a “release” in the wordpress system for downloading
      • make a release post

      As for an ETA, it’s usually “less than 3 days” unless something horrible happens.

      Although sometimes I get the unfortunate task of looking at things after quality check, to quality check the quality check, and end up noticing tons of issues that should’ve already been caught beforehand. Like in the case of chapter 12 of Oregairu where the typesetting needs a lot more work; It’s nearly unreadable in it’s current state. Then there’s the fact that the cleaning for 12&13 were done pretty poorly, but at this point I just don’t care so it’s up to Zeph if he wants to release it as it is.

      I also fixed up a few things for Kono Sekai, although all of that was fixed so it’s just waiting on Zeph’s admin-y stuff. The staff that are working on that series are more experienced on average than with the other series. Although we did outsource the redrawing, so there are some pretty noticeable issues that I just gave up trying to get fixed so who knows what zeph will do with it.

      tl;dr things and stuff

  3. When will the latest Oregairu be released?

    I saw in your update ch 21 translated but no this chapter yet.

    please update soon.

  4. I will only say that Chapter 14 of Konjiki should be nearly done. Maybe there are some QC issues and so. But all other things like clean and TS are finished.

  5. Hey guys, thanks as always for the hard work. Just wondering what the source is for you credits page on Konjiki no Word Master.

    Thank you

  6. It doesn’t seem like your Progress list is up-to-date? The next “Twilight Princess” chapter is supposed be Ch. 19, not Ch. 18 since you released that one last time.

    Thanks for all of your hard work translating this amazing manga! 😀 I’m a huge fan for “The Legend of Zelda” series, and “Twilight Princess” is one my favorite games of all times in the franchise. So, thank you for translating the manga adaptation of it.

  7. I just picked up Beastars and it was really exceptional :0 Thanks for scanlating it, seems like an unusual series most wouldn’t pick up, and I hope it gains some more appreciation. If things ever get slow and you need a re-drawer or cleaner let me know!

  8. Hi, first thank you so much for all the hard work, and second, now that beastars is up to date are you going to update it weekly? (except when you can’t), I really like the story and I am thankful that you guys are dedicating time to translate it, again thank you for everything

    1. I’m sorry, but we can’t deal with Oregairu right now because there isn’t a translator or a typesetter who can work on it.

  9. Oh GOD Thank you so much for your scans.
    Are you working on the 4th volume of the “Twilight Princess”-Manga as well? It’s now released in Japanese but I can’t read it haha

    I would be so happy when if it will be uploaded <3

  10. May I ask If the next chapters of “Twilight Princess” are ready yet? I’ve been waiting for more than two weeks and I would like to have some comprehensibility 🙂

    Thank you so much for your help ^^

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